Scientific Information

Negative ions are known as electrons orbiting the atoms that compose our physical structure.  When they lose their orbiting electrons, cells end up dividing and thus we have the effect of aging.  Many electrical devices emit positive ions, which pull negative ions out of our bodies.  This could possibly be contributing to stress on our body at a cellular level.  The facts that we know for certain are that cancers and other disease have increased at the same rate as the expansion of use of electrical devices in home and at work.  Regardless of personal opinion, we must be clear that we are not stating that electrical device usage is a causative factor for increased disease and cancer, no matter how positive the correlation.  

The physical effect of positive ions on the human body at a cellular level becomes the foundation of the argument that carrying cell phones in our pockets is unhealthy and potentially cancerous.  The World Health Organization (WHO) came out claiming that cell phone radiation should be classified as a class 2b carcinogen.  As the radiation from cell towers and the phones we carry on our person increases, what are we going to do to balance the potentially harmful effects of this energy?

We know there is no way we can stop using technology from a day to day basis just because it’s potentially unhealthy.  Why not innovate and adapt?  The idea that negative ions can counteract the potentially harmful effects of electro-magnetic radiation is not an abstract idea, and has plenty of research behind it to substantiate that claim

The products we make are a combination of crystals, metals, and other contents in organic resin.  With the suspended contents under pressure the piezoelectricity generated by the crystals inside the product is further amplified and projected into the environment.  In order to properly quantify the energy that these devices put off, BERAD uses ion meters from Japan.  Although BERAD chooses to measure negative ions and radio frequency to characterize this form of energy, it was originally named Orgone by the man (Wilhelm Reich) who contributed to the invention of this potentially “ancient” technology.

Orgone energy, named by Wilhelm Reich, is ultimately the same energy as Chi, Qi, Ether, Life Force, etc. Reich invented orgone accumulator tools, which are powerful ways of mimicking the resonance of nature’s greatest vibrations.  There are many other great people who have made substantial contributions to discovering new ways we can protect ourselves from harmful energy we can’t tangibly see.  This energy is abundant in nature and can be easily accessed by going to the forests, mountains, waterfalls, and oceans.