Euphoralign Discs


Packed with the energy of a unique specimen recently discovered.  There are different crystals found in this meteorite, such as mica, lepidolite, cassiterite, black, blue, and green tourmaline, and many others.  There are even metals present that are not typically found from Earth.  Because the energetic potential of this stone is so high, it has the unique ability to TEMPORARILY INCREASE the balancing effects of any object it touches.  If you are not ready to live in your highest vibration and challenge yourself to vibrate higher and help those around you to do the same, avoid euphoralign.

*Photos listed are samples. Each disc will be intuitively chosen for you. They are all unique in appearance, but each contain the same energy.

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Each item may vary slightly in color from photo shown due to lighting. Each item may vary slightly in size and weight due to the handmade nature of these products. Any dimensions listed are approximate.